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The objectives of Islington Community Housing Co-operative as laid out in its Constitution are:

  • To provide, construct, convert, improve and manage the dwellings exclusively for letting to members of the Co-operative under the terms of the tenancy agreement.
  • The provision and improvement of buildings, amenities or services for the benefit of the members, either exclusively or in conjunction with other persons.
  • The provision of housing management services to members and occupants of the Co-op's dwellings that are the subject of a management agreement, where the Co-operative is acting as managing agent for a landlord body.

In carrying out these objectives, the Co-op shall work towards the elimination of discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, class, appearance and religion, responsibility for dependents and unrelated criminal convictions and in any other matter that causes any person to be treated with injustice.



Islington Community Housing Co-op is based in North Islington.  It was set up in 1975 as an offshoot of the short life housing organisation Islington Community Housing, and was registered with the Housing Corporation in 1977. 

The first permanent housing to be occupied by members was under management arrangements with LB Islington (45 units) and Circle 33 (31 units).  Between 1982 and 1996 the Co-op completed its development programme: it now owns 104 units and managed 31 units  for Circle 33 for 40 years, until 2017.

The Co-op is managed by its members through Management Committee, sub-committees and General Meetings.  Members are encouraged to participate in the business of the Co-op, with activities ranging from committee membership to attending general meetings, voluntary work and social events.

ICHC does not have an open housing waiting list, but takes nominations from London Borough of Islington and referrals from Westminster Housing Co-op.


General Meetings are usually held three times a year with the Annual General Meeting being held in September.  Management Committee members are elected at the AGM and all members are encouraged to participate in the running of the Co-op by standing for the Committee or expressing an interest in joining a sub-committee or working group.

The General Meeting is responsible for approving new policies and changes to policy as recommended by the Management Committee


The Co-operative is run by its Management Committee which meets every 6 weeks.  The Management Committee is responsible for managing the Co-op in the interests of all its members and in accordance with external regulations.  Decisions are taken by the Committee on the basis of advice and recommendations received from sub-committees, working groups, consultants and staff.

There are three sub-committees - Property Maintenance, Allocations and Membership and Finance. There are also two sub-groups -  Joint Employment Group and the Partnership Group - which meet on a regular basis (with North Camden Housing Co-op).  Additional working groups are set up to develop specific projects as required.


ICHC has been working with North Camden Housing Co-op since 2001. The Co-ops are close geographically and share similar objectives and profiles.  The partnership started with the joint recruitment and employment of a Property Maintenance Manager in 2001 and continued with other joint working to the benefit of both organisations.

In July 2004 ICHC and NCHC agreed to share an office and the Co-ops subsequently moved to premises in Archway located on the border of Camden and Islington in December 2004.  The office is central to the areas of operation of both Co-ops.

ICHC and NCHC employ both staff and consultants to deliver its services. This ensures that the Co-op, as a small organisation, is well informed on current good practice and general developments in the field of housing.